Noise Reap (2015 - 2022)


To see a list of most of the Noise Reap modules go here. To see the schematic cave go here.

Noise Reap started in 2015 by myself, Cody Iott. It originated by learning how to circuit bend toy keyboards from a co-worker at pizza hut. I got hooked and started learning more and more circuit theory. The first NR module was a utility VCO and sold to someone in Hong Kong.

I quietly burnt out around 2020. I'm currently passionate about programming and web development. I have a fulltime job in a related field. Maybe when I burn out on web dev in 2030 I'll come back and make some purely digital modules.

Here's some music that I was once a part of.

Open source policy

Open source repository ↗

Contingent on three rules, NR modules are open source:

  1. You can't pretend to be me or use the name Noise Reap.
  2. If you plan to make money off this work you must give some percentage of the profit to a cause that benefits humanity and/or nature.
  3. Don't ask me anything. It's up to you to figure everything out.


The majority of Noise Reap products never had a manual.

Book recommendations

If you're interested in starting a small tech craft business in modular synths I recommend the following books in no particular order:

Final words

Thanks to everyone who has supported me throughout the years. Honestly, I've had some of the coolest customers ever. In the 7 years I did this I can only remember maybe one or two asshats. Y'all are the best. Keep thinking outside the box, making cool tunes, and trying to make the world a more tolerable and inclusive place 🖤